Performance Re-Creations


“Advice to the Ladies”

Although we have no recordings of the songs that these actresses sang in the theatres of the Early Republic, we do have sheet music. In an effort to discern the style of the most popular airs, we have attempted to re-create several of their most famous performances.

Charlotte. Melmoth, although famous as a the “grand dame” of tragedy, also sang. As most actresses of this period, she sang in comic operas and in concerts outside of the theatre. Re-created here are two of her most popular songs

*”Disdainful You Fly Me”

*Drimindoo, (comic lament for a lost cow)

Mary Ann Wrighten Pownall came to the United States in 1792; in her first career in London she was known as the “celebrated Mrs.Wrighten,” a famous singer and actress. One of the most Book2Pownallsixsongscoverfamous vocalists of the late eighteenth century, Mrs. Wrighten, now married to Hugh Pownall, enjoyed  a triumphant second career in the United States.  Not only was Mary Ann Wrighten Pownall a renowned actress and singer, she also composed and performed her own songs. Some of her compositions were “The Straw Bonnet,” “The Primrose Girl,” “Lavinia,”  “Jemmy of the Glen,” “Kiss Me Now or Never,” and “Kisses Sued For.”  Re-created here are the following works:

*Advice to the Ladies (composed by Hewitt)

*Jemmy of the Glen (composed by Mrs. Wrighten)

*Kiss Me Now or Never (composed by Mrs. Wrighten)

*Kisses Sued For (composed by Mrs. Wrighten)